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This list will make it easier for Mr. Bean and other CT distributors to identify the latest custom tracks and versions of tracks that are worthy of being included in CTGP and other distributions. If a track has a major glitch, a fix from anyone would be greatly appreciated as long as the original creator of the track permits it. Tracks in this section should be removed after the tracks are added to CTGP-R. Any rejected or removed tracks should be listed in the Rejected Tracks section after a CTGP-R update, along with the reason it was rejected. This is so CT authors can identify and fix the problems with their tracks, and so the same tracks won't be re-suggested again unless they are improved. Beta tracks that have been released to the public can be considered for inclusion unless specifically prohibited by the track author.

New Tracks

Main article: CTGP Revolution/Track Wishlist/New Tracks

Existing Tracks and Bug Reports

Main article: CTGP Revolution/Track Wishlist/Existing Tracks

Custom Characters

As stated in here: Post custom characters that you would like to be in the next CTGP. All characters must include:

  • Icons
  • Animation
  • All needed files for every Bike/Kart/etc

New Custom Characters

  • Black Mage By Slawter - Full animations, CSS and minimap icons, uses Luigi's slot
  • Crash Bandicoot An update to DJ Lowgey's original version, now featuring all vehicles and CSS animations
  • Goomba By DJLowgey - Full set with Animations, uses Dry Bones' Voice & Slot
  • Hammer Bro by DJLowgey - Full set & Fully animated, must replace use Bowser Jr's slot/Koopa's Voice
  • Petey Piranha - By DJ Lowgey, must replace any large character
  • Pianta By DJLowgey - Replaces any Large Character
  • Rayman - Fully animated, includes needed files
  • Sonic The Hedgehog - Uses Daisy's Stats & Large Mii's voice (If not possible just replace any available medium character)
  • Tuxie (Lost Penguin from SM64) by DJLowgey - Full set, animated, uses Baby Daisy's Voice & Slot

Custom Fonts

New Fonts

Updated Fonts

  • Chalky has a fixed version that fixes this character: Σ