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Track Wishlist
This is the track Wishlist for CTGP Revolution. General discussion of CTGP-R goes on the Talk Page.

Track Wishlist


This list will make it easier for Mr. Bean and other CT distributors to find the latest custom tracks and versions that are worthy of being included but have not made it in yet. If there is a track that has a major glitch that prevents it from being included, a fix from anyone would be greatly appreciated as long as it is allowed by the original creator. Tracks in this section should be removed after the tracks are added to CTGP-R. Any rejected or removed tracks should be listed here after a CTGP-R update, along with the reason it was rejected. This is so CT authors can the problems with the track, and the track won't be re-suggested until there is a fix. Beta tracks that have been released to the public can be considered for inclusion unless specifically prohibited by the track author.

New Tracks

Newly released tracks since the last CTGP-R Update. No major glitches are known. Please indicate the desired slot and music.

  • Twinkle Circuit should use Galaxy Colosseum's music (Black screen in replays in v1.0)
  • Mushroom Fort By Conner Uses Mushroom Gorge's course slot and can it use Ds Twilight House's Music. Download [RC1] [4]
  • GBA Boo Lake - should use SNES Ghost Valley 2's Music & Slot ID (Download at Wiki Page)

New Tracks that Need Fixes

Tracks that aren't quite up to snuff yet, usually beta versions. Your mileage may vary.

  • N64 Choco Mountain (Needs to be reversed to original, scaled down smaller, take out the gates, and make sharper textures) - Igorseabra is currently working on an update for this. Estimated release sometime in February.

Oldies but Goodies

Not new, but good tracks that were probably overlooked, or rejected tracks that were recently fixed.

  • Cannon City - kHacker35000vr (RC2 has big bugfixes, it can be found at the wiki page)
  • DS Dokan Course, a MKDS Beta course ported by MKDasher in 2010 (And is also the first offical course to use the SZS Modifier's OBJ Importer)


Existing Tracks

Track Bug Reports

Include the name of the track and describe the problem.

  • Icy Mountains If you get hit by lightning on the trick ramp and fall, you do not die and are forced to make your own way back up to the track.
  • Snowy Circuit Glitch shortcut, also if you use a mushroom over some parts of the offroad then the lap doesn't count.
  • Underground Sky RC3.3 (Fixed checkpoints) - Download: [5] counter still fails. Watch from 1:25 to 2:00. Player falls into the water, respawns, then the lap fails. Probably passed a key checkpoint when respawned, and since that is a difficult jump, this will happen all the time. "Everyone in 1st" bug still present.
  • DS Nokonoko Beach Problems with CPU and item routes, using a Bullet Bill here is disasterous!
  • GCN Mushroom City You can walk over the danger signs in the shortcut. Also there are some sections which are not offroad.

Updated Tracks

Tracks that currently have older versions in CTGP-R that have been since updated/fixed.

Existing Tracks: Music/Slot Requests

Rejected tracks from previous CTGP-R releases

  • Unknown

Other Fixes

  • Chalky has a fixed version that fixes this character: Σ