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CT-CODE (or CT-Code; an abbreviation of Custom Track Code) is an extension of Mario Kart Wii. CT-CODE was developed by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz for their CTGP Revolution. The name CT-CODE was created by Wiimm, when he implemented CT-CODE support in his SZS Tools.

The main purpose is to allow more than 32 racing tracks in one distribution. Because of network protocol limits (1 byte for track selection), the total number of slots is 256. Subtracting a few special slots and 32 original VS tracks, there is space for 221 custom tracks. Because of the Cup layout with 2 cups in each column and 4 tracks in each cup, a multiple of 8 custom tracks is a good choice. So most Custom Track Distributions with CT-Code support have 216 custom tracks besides the 32 original tracks (248 racing tracks total).

Wiimms SZS Tools

Slot Selection

Tool wctct of Wiimms SZS Tools uses slots 0x00–0x1f, 0x2a–0x35, 0x3b–0x41 and 0x44–0xfe by default to distribute the custom tracks over she slot system. Option --allow-slots=keywords can modify the default setting:

Enable 32 slots 0x00–0x1f for custom tracks and overwrite original custom track slots. This is the default.
Enable 10 slots 0x20–0x29 for custom tracks and overwrite original battle arena slots.
Enable 5 slots 0x36–0x3a for custom tracks and overwrite the special slots.
CTCODE is available since v2.00 of the tools and is an abbreviation for TRACKS,ARENAS,SPECIAL. It enables all custom track slots mentions above.

The keywords can be combined as comma-separated list. The most usual usage is: --allow-slots CTCODE since v2.00, or --allow-slots ARENAS,SPECIAL before v2.00.