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|editors used=  
|editors used=  
|download 1= http://www.mediafire.com/download/mntejewtc462ggc/BRSTM_COPYER_2.5.exe BRSTM Copier v2.5
|download 1= http://www.mediafire.com/download/ed6bdq4zx6nc4qz/BRSTM%20COPYER%203.0.exe BRSTM Copier v3.0
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BRSTM Copier
Creator: Diddy7Kong
Designer: Diddy7Kong
Version: v2.5
Release date: 2013-06-06
Editors used:
Download: MediaFire BRSTM Copier v3.0

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This tool was created by Diddy7Kong to originally rename Brawl BRSTM files. He later added in Mario Kart Wii support for renaming BRSTM. It also can auto-generate a final lap brstm. v2.5 (current version) now has auto-patching BRSAR.


Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2012-03-18 Intial release
v2.2 2013-01-03 Added MKWii support. Also fixed a bug on brawl mode.
v2.3 2013-03-01 Fixed preserve pitch option (Set by default). Also fixes a copying problem to the mkwii folder instead of the mystuff.
v2.4 2013-04-02 Fixed a bug in brawl mode. Added an option for batch sawnd inject(Brawl Mode only). Also, a custom directory option (MKWii and Brawl mode) Finally, an icon change.
v2.5b 2013-06-03 Auto-BRSAR patching is now added. Still in testing mode.
v2.5 2013-06-06 Fixed naming errors in GCN Peach Beach and N64 Sherbert Land. Read the notes for more information.
v3.0 2014-01-03 BRSAR patching should now work without removing the RSAR header. Project M 3.0 support in brawl mode. auto final lap option ENABLED by default. auto BRSAR patch feature REMOVED, press F5 key to patch BRSAR. Read the notes for more information.


  • Disable UAC in windows vista/7 before running the BRSAR patcher.
  • Delete the DIDDZ file if you've used the program before, or it doesn't enable patching the BRSAR.